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About Us

About the Group

A venture that commenced in 1976 by the Lekhadias as a small scale specialty textile chemicals manufacturing company is a reckoned name for its value based innovations, today. In order to grow and accomplish, the company strategized to further build, promote, sustain and usher the business. The infectious positivity, detrimental hard work, dedication and commitment changed the fates of Kunal Organics. In order to accelerate their surge, grow and “We constantly evolve, upgrade “ and keep pace with dynamics of the diverse needs of our customers expand, they collaborated and connected via ventures with imminent players internationally, assimilated the best and most recent technologies and know how. With relentless R & D and aspirations to make a change, Kunal Organics has developed a reputation for manufacturing highly qualitative & innovative products that keep up with the forever changing needs of different customers. Such repute has also earned them numerous awards and affiliations.

Kunal Organics, today a multi – crore business with diversified operations, efficiently and effectively catering to the ever-growing, ever-changing dynamics of the market. They proudly offer products for all applications of the textile industry like knits, hosiery, furnishings, denim, terry towel, silk, jute, voile woven or non – woven. With strong believers in the notion of a solid business growth being a resultant of direct and thriving clientele relationship, Kunal Organics work thoroughly towards building a bond of excellent rapport with the customers, in order to grow together with them. Under the able guidance of the masterful and experienced at Kunal, the contemporaries now have sort to scale and accomplished newer heights, paving the way for a stronger legacy. Time being one of the most valuable assets for all , the next generation of able leaders has developed systems, policies & logistics that yield efficiency at work and facilitate faster delivery of products to the clients. Yet another conscious endeavour made by the Gen Next is the consideration & appreciation given to the Environment, in the process of developing products. As a result of which, the company has earned certifications from international agencies for adhering to environmentally sustainable norms over and above the stated statutory laws. In all, this versatile blend of all generations as struck a chord nurtured and reverberated into the present day success story.

Company Profile

Nearly four decades of catalyzing the textile revolution, Kunal Organics specialized in the manufacturing of Textile Yarn Sizing Agent Auxiliaries, Enzymes, Functional Finishes & Technical Textiles. Enriching lives through innovation, Kunal continually strives to meet the need of their customers and play a proactive role in ushering and supporting a more sustainable environment for richer shades and extended fabric life.

With a broader approach, the company has been able to build an empire in the field of textile solutions, expanding its businesses worldwide and introducing some of the revolutionary technologies in the textile market.

Kunal is a fine blend of traditional inheritance with modernity. The age old traditions and the management’s experience accumulated over the years meet technologies of the present creating a synergy that takes the business to newer heights of glory.

As a company, they are known to offer tailor made infusion with commendable services to amplify the customer experience. Kunal Organics is a strategic patron to the legacy of textile with global artistries, fostering today & embracing tomorrow.

Our Milestone

  • 1976 : Inception as a family business, the first step towards a great journey
  • 1979 : Stepped in the big markets with international exposure by visiting ITMA
  • 1985 : Assumed an organisational stature of a Private limited firm
  • 1986 : Achieved an exclusive strategic partnership with Japanese business firm
  • 1987 : Started exporting to countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and UAE.
  • 1989 : Attended OTEMAS, a quadrennial summit organised in Japan
  • 1990 : Joint venture in Mauritius with the beginning of Nishiku Mauritius Limited. Moved a step ahead towards exporting to Mauritius and other African countries
  • 1992 : Formation of Kunal International in order to serve the international markets better
  • 1995 : Tie-up with Virkler Chemicals, USA -one of the largest specialty chemical manufacturers for denim and garments
  • 1996 : Formation of Kunal Denim
  • 1997 : Smoothening the journey with an agency of Morton International Inc. for road specialty chemicals
  • 2001 : Business Tie-up with Taiwanese principal for introducing functional finishes in India
  • 2002 : Launching of a new era of hygiene textiles
  • 2003 : Ventured into specialty chemicals for Automobile industry, Mobile technology, AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS
  • 2004 : Quality benchmark - ISO 9001:2000 accreditation, Extension of the network with offices all over India and abroad
  • 2005 : Received Skal, Netherlands certification for supplying products for organic cotton
  • 2006 : Developed Specific textile auxiliaries to trouble shoot problems normally occurring during denim fabric manufacturing
  • 2008 : Launched 3rd generation sizing products that are ecofriendly and need only 1% add-on and no enzymatic de-sizing, Kunal Group participated in ITME 2008, Bangalore and exhibited its cutting-edge textile specialty chemicals
  • 2009 : Received ISO 14001:2004 accreditation for Kunal International and OHSAS 18001: 2007
  • 2010 : Kunal Organics Pvt. Ltd. was awarded for innovation in textile auxiliary for Denim Fabrics & Apparels at IIM Ahmedabad
  • 2011 : Approval for quality innovation by Control Union & IMO Certifications for GOTS suitable for organic cotton, Kunal International received the award for the Best Export Performance at Export Award Function, Mumbai
  • 2012 : Presentation in December ITMA, Integrated Textile & Garment Manufacturing Technologies Showcase, Launch of Electro Indigo and newly developed Dyestone series with Nano micro pigment from Japan
  • 2013 : Received an award for good Export Performance by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India
  • 2014 : Introduced Nanocrock, this would help improve wet & dry crock for products viz., Indigo Denim & Sulphur
  • 2015 : Commercially introduced Nano Sizing agent for the 1st time in India with a low add-on and no requirements of PVA, Starch or enzymatic de-sizing
  • 2016 : Received the Star Performer Award 2016 for making innovations happen in the category of dyes and chemicals by a leading denim brand, Introduced SIZABOND TS, which is the only 100% soluble size for denim.

Awards & Achievements

Kunal Organics is a synergy of expertise, quality and safety. Our adherence to optimal product quality, exceptional customer services and ethical business practices has constantly fuelled expansion and growth and thereby reinforcing our global presence of India.

Kunal pursues a devout & widely acknowledged, immaculate idealistic attitude towards unexcelled quality and prompt delivery. Kunal Organics has been one of the trail blazers, even when it comes to accomplishing. Amongst several remarkable impressive awards, recognitions and accolades, these are few paramount achievements Kunal Organics holds in its name, that are perceptible for its persistence, passion and dedication towards progress.