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About Us

The Company

The Kunal Group is a leading provider of Comprehensive Textile Solutions.

Company Overview

The Group started operations as a small specialty textile chemicals manufacturing company and has grown into a multi-crore business. Today, the Kunal Group delivers value-based Innovations and not merely innovative products.


2008 - Launched 3rd generation sizing products that are eco-friendly and need only 1% add-on. 2007 - SIZECARE-OCP (SP) - approved by Control Union & IMO Certifications for GOTS suitable for organic cottons.

Focus Area

Kunal not only delivers products but also provides solutions The company meets not just deadlines but also the promises made. Hence, Kunal is known as the performance expert. The company aims to be a leader in innovation and technology and drive the industry with quality product solutions in diverse areas.

The Management Team

It has been more than three decades and Kunal Organics still leads the front as leaders in textile auxiliaries and specialty chemicals. The company stands as a source of inspiration for others in the industry.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Kunal Organics seeks to be a good corporate citizen in all aspects of its operations and activities. The company believes in doing things differently and has taken major CSR initiatives such as:

  • Providing blind men's sticks that glow in the dark, to Blind Men's Association.
  • Monetary donations at the Polio Foundation
  • Kunal Organics was one of the sponsors at the 9th Annual Motif Charity Walk
  • The company has made generous donations to KarunaSetu Trust and donated land to build a hall for social religious activities at Hariom Ashram in Nadiad
  • The company has also donated land to the ashram at Anupam Mission in Mogri


Our Future Plan

The future holds plenty of opportunities for Kunal Organics. The company intends to:

  • Focus heavily on functional chemicals
  • Carry out technology transfer for Technical textile
  • Get positive results through talks with Japanese, French and US partners

Our Corporate Video

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Our Infrastructure

The company has a well equipped infrastructure with safety and environment friendly devices along with necessary equipments required in manufacturing speciality chemicals. The machines are maintained to run smoothly, greatly improving performance and ensuring personal and corporate safety.

The state-of-the-art infrastructure at Kunal Organics is spread across 12,000 sq. yards of plot area with 20,000 sq. ft. of constructed area. The production plants are equipped with cutting-edge facilities and best-of-breed technology. Kunal has three production plants in locations of strategic importance. The facilities provided at all these plants are:

  • Ethoxylation of fatty acids, fatty alcohols, etc.
  • Propoxylation of fatty acids, fatty alcohols, etc.
  • Polymerization of monomers.
  • Homopolymerisation, Co-polymerization and Tertiary polymerization

The second and the third plant specifically provide facilities of:

  • Dry Blending and Grinding of powder mixtures.
  • Wet Grinding, Formulation facilities with colloidal mill and Homogenizer.

The manufacturing is looked after by well qualified and long proven experienced people. The company not only works with small and middle scale distributors and end users, it is also a supplier to some of the famous giants in chemical industry.

Our Quality

Kunal holds a privileged position in the textile market today due to its experience in diverse areas as a 'total solution provider'. The company is a leading provider in speciality chemicals of premium quality. Kunal aims to provide best possible products in order to enhance the quality and life of the material. The company provides easy-to-use, highly reliable speciality chemicals that increase productivity and profitability.

The Quality Department at Kunal Organics rigorously monitor batch to batch quality of products. Quality is also monitored through trial feedbacks. Help is provided as per the client application guidelines.

As every need of the client is different, one product cannot satisfy all. Hence, Kunal Organics develop custom made products to suit the needs of each client.

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Research & Development

Research & Development

  • Kunal Group is a part of a major R & D-intensive sector. And there are three main reasons why R & D is important for a company like ours.
  • Firstly, R & D generates new products, processes and services that give the company competitive edge in the market. We believe that the company that invests in R & D wisely is likely to gain customers and maintain or increase its value.
  • Secondly, R & D is a substantial financial investment for R & D-intensive companies. The sheer size and importance of the company's R & D budget means that the management of R & D for timely and effective results is a key concern of top management. For sectors where R & D is a significant investment, a company's investors will be interested both in the intensity of the investment relative to competitors and the results flowing from it.
  • And finally, R & D is an important driver for organic growth. Most companies have a growth target and, organic growth through R & D is the preferred route to meet the growth targets set by managements and valued by investors.
  • Keeping these points at the centre-point of our operations, we constantly innovate to keep with the times. And with a keen sense of balance between technology and people power, our R & D activities are constantly supplemented with technological upgradations as well.
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Right from its inception, Kunal has incorporated environment friendly policies. The company has immense respect for nature and goes beyond the meeting statutory norms to take care of the environment. At Kunal, initiatives to control effluents and wastes are undertaken and each step is reviewed to have minimum impact on the environment.

Consequently, Kunal Organics has achieved prominence in speciality chemicals market of the textile industry with its distinctly supreme and environmentally conscious products. For a company that does not believe in innovating for the sake of it, Kunal's innovations add value to the society, its people and the environment at large.











Three such recent and extremely successful textile innovations from Kunal Group have been...

Comfortability : Water/Moisture - Permiable Property, Perpiration - Absorbing / Fast Drying, Warmth Retention and Heat Storing, Moisture Retention, Refreshing with Ions Environment Adaptibility at 28º C and 20º C, UV Care, Water Repellency, Oil Repellent, Stretch, Light Weight

Health : Healing, Blood Circulation, Micro Encapsulated Multivitamins, Non-Allergic, Non-Formaldehyde, Chitin/Chitosan, Control Obesity, pH Control

Cleanliness : Microbial Control (Specific Use), Antibacterial/Odor - Preventing, Mosquito Repellent, Mosquito Killing, Micro Encapsulated Perfumes, Deodorizing, Soil Release/Soil Repellency, Antimite

Security/Safety : Antistatic/Electro Conductive Property, Flame - Retardant Property, Electromagnetic Wave Shielding,
Reflective replica panerai Material

Textile Easy Care (Comfortable) : Shrink and Wrinkle Resistance, Dimentional Stability, Washability,

High-Tech Textiles (Industrial Textiles) : High-Stress Fibers, Heat-Resitant Fibers, Fire-Resistant Fibers, Photo Deodorant Fiber, Photo Anti-microbial Fiber, Anti-bacterial Fiber, U.V. Protection Fiber, Quick replica rolex daytona Dry / Fast Absorption Fiber, Cool Touch Fiber, Water Soluble Fiber

Others : Durable Glow Finish, Peach Skin Finish, Depth Enhancers, Thermocromic Prints, Photochromic Prints

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