Company Overview

The Group started operations as a small specialty textile chemicals manufacturing company and has grown into a multi-crore business. Today, the Kunal Group delivers Value based Innovations and not merely innovative products.



  • Commercially introducedenvironment friendly Nano Sizing agent for the 1st time in India with a low add-on and no requirements of PVA, Starch and no necessity of enzymatic de-sizing.

  • Introduced Nanocrock, this would helptoimprove wet & dry crock of Indigo Denim & SulphurDenim

  • Received an award for good Export Performance by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India

    • Presentation in December ITMA, Integrated Textile & Garment Manufacturing Technologies Showcase
    • Launch of Electro Indigo and Newly developed Dyestone series Nano micro pigment from Japan
    • Approval for quality innovation by Control Union & IMO Certifications for GOTSsuitable for organic cotton
    • Kunal International received the award for the Best Export Performance at Export Award Function, Mumbai
  • Kunal Organics Pvt. Ltd. was awarded for innovation in textile auxiliary for Denim Fabrics & Apparels at IIM Ahmedabad

  • Got ISO 14001:2004 for Kunal International and OHSAS 18001: 2007 for Kunal Organics

    • Launched 3rdgeneration sizing products that are eco-friendly and need only 1% add-on, No enzymatic desize
    • Kunal Group participated in ITME 2008, Bangalore and exhibited its cutting-edge Products to global visitors.
  • Pioneering Denim Essentials for the first time in India

  • Received Skal, Netherlands certification for supplying products for organic cotton

    • Quality benchmark - ISO 9001:2000 accreditation
    • Extension of the network with offices all over India and abroad
  • Ventured into specialty chemicalsfor Automobile industry, Mobile technology, Eco-technology and Nano technology

  • Launching of a new era of hygiene textiles

  • Business venture for functional finishes in Taiwan

    • Exclusive strategic partnership with Arch UK Biocides Limited
    • Representation for Warwick International, UK for their specialty peroxide activators
  • Formation of Kunal Denim

    • A big leap in American markets
    • Tie-up with Virkler Chemicals, USA -one of the largest specialty chemical manufacturers for denim and garments
  • Smoothening the journey withan agency of Morton International Inc.for road specialty chemicals

  • Formation of Kunal International in order to serve the international markets better

    • Joint venture in Mauritius with the beginning of Nishiku Mauritius Limited
    • Moved a step ahead towards exporting to Mauritius and other African countries
  • Extending arms to OTEMAS, a quadrennial summit organised in Japan

  • Began exporting our excellence to Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and UAE

  • We achieved an exclusive strategic partnership with Japanesebusiness firm

  • We assumed an organisational stature of a Private limited firm

  • Stepped in the big markets with international exposure by visiting ITMA

  • Our inception as a family business, the first step towards a great journey

Focus Area

Kunal not only delivers products but also solutions
The company meets not just deadlines but also promises
Hence, Kunal is known as the performance expert
The company aims to be a leader in innovation and technology and drive the industry with quality product solutions in diverse areas.
With a keen sense of balance between technology and manpower, Kunal strives to provide premium quality products and endeavors to innovate and look beyond the present.


Kunal's proficiency lies in its willingness to serve the clients at any cost. The company has a well-equipped R & D facility that strives to develop competitive and cost effective products. With its wide gamut of experience and foreign know how, Kunal is the undisputed leader in the specialty chemical industry.


Kunal believes in going the extra mile to achieve excellence in Specialty chemicals. The company aims to become one of the leaders in innovation and technology by leveraging its expertise in the growing market of specialty chemicals.


To look outside the comfort zone and push the boundaries of innovation to create intelligent solutions. The company is committed to create products that leave lasting impressions.

The Management Team

It has been more than three decades and Kunal Organics still leads the front as leaders in textile auxiliaries and specialty chemicals. The company stands as a source of inspiration for others in the industry.

According to H.E Luccock "No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it"

Every successful company has a team of leaders and it is their vision that drives the company through high tides and troubled waters. It is their passion, courage of conviction and a strong sense of self that inspires all. Kunal has such a dedicated team of diligent workers that works tirelessly to take the company to newer and better heights.